Monday, 3 September 2012

unlucky long weekend

This weekend was an interesting weekend, Friday was Filipp's camera test, was a long day with camera test, then I went over to help a friend to put together an IKEA bed, I'm after all a swede, all went well. I meet up some friends, we went to a bar to celebrate a friends birthday, we stood in queue for an hour, then I had to leave, since I was going to a friends shoot, she is in the EBM program. 

No problems getting there, this is Saturday, the shoot goes on with no problems, I'm a PA, not to much to do, since it's a small shoot and people got there positions and they know what needs to be done. Helping out with art and other things. The short film is Called Elixir, I will hopefully in the future give you the movie so you can take a look at it. So far it looks really promising and the script is solid and with a good story.

Next day things happen, I get a wound from a frame, not to bad, then I break a glass in another frame and cut myself. Not to bad, it was this really nice cut that stings a lot. When we are moving equipment, I lift some apple boxes and the stand beside I believed they where leaning against the wall, but one was an evil basted and hit my head. So I got this "cartoon" looking bump on my head. My head was spinning a bit, but no problems, just keep on working.

Then we forgot the batteries for the sound equipment in the last location, I run back, only 2-3 blocks away, have the wrong number to the security guard and the door gave me wrong number and the sound guy was a bit in panic when he asked about the batteries. I finally reaches the security guy, he arrives and starts to fix the handicapped elevator, I keep my breath slow, he opens the door, I run in, grab the batteries and run back. Come back and then the guy have connected his equipment to a plug instead. A bit of irony. But hey, we got sound! =)

When the shoot was done, everything went well, two guys died... No no, we made them come back to life again, so all good. We carry the equipment back and I was going to show another guy a tip off how to carry something, by accident I hit him in the head with my C-stand, luckily not to bad. Come back home, watch some Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and then to bed.

Picture of who my clothes looked like after some paint balling

Today, Monday is a red day, as we say in Sweden, also called an holiday. I did some cleaning in the apartment, fixed some paper work and then went for paintball in North Van. In the event I created, 22 people said they where going and we ended up just being four people. We had fun anyway, we joined some other people who already where there. Great fun, I got three people and did a stupid dive (I actually fell, but cooled with a dive, like James Bond) and got my right knee scratched and started to bleed a bit.

This weekend has been great by all means, just strange when me and a friend where talking about how sometimes you don't get any bruises and then suddenly you start hurting yourself everywhere. And everything happen on my right side. Just strange that it started to happen after we talked about it.  

Anyhow, was a great weekend, was with great and fun people, can't complain at all and some pain makes you realize that life is not perfect, just take it and keep on walking =)

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