Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Shooting +Sound

Weekend was a great time! Friday was preparing for Karma Points shoot, got everything together regarding food and some props. Also took me the time to go too the screening off the Compendium short films I helped out with, I saw three different ways to spell my name =) sadly one of the films forgot to put my name in it. But shit happens. All off them looked really nice and I'm looking forward working on the Compendium soon again :D

Saturday we had a long day upon us, got the equipment to our location, we could be there from 9AM to 6PM, so we had an time limit and a lot to do, but we all determined that we will make it. We get everything set up, people got a bit behind due that they shut down a street in downtown Vancouver, make up got to be 2hours late, so we started of almost 2hours late.

We had a bit problem regarding who shoot it was, mixed between stress, people not knowing what they want and people with strong personality. We also had a screaming scene with strong languish, when we got to that part, I started to ask the salesmen and there customers if it was okey, explained the whole situation and that we made short film. They said that everything was fine. But when we started too shoot the scene and the screaming started, I got three sales men around me telling that one customer was complaining. I directly went and just in time to cut off before they started to scream again, we figured out a way around it and everything was solved.

But in the end we got out from the location five past six and they told us that we where welcome back, which felt great! Everything went really smooth in the and and one of the sales manager told me that I will get far in life, really nice off him to say and true, I really want to get somewhere in my life.

and for thanks for reading my post, here is my final sound assignment I did, my really first project in Pro Tools and first time recording my self singing: 

 and this morning I made home made lemonade, which tasted AWESOME! :D

and soon it''s another run for Game Night :D gonna be great! I hope for more games and people =)

Have an great day, because I will :D

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