Monday, 24 September 2012

Music Video in the making

This weekend has been really busy, but at the same time with a lot off fun! Meeting new people, creating a moshpit, dragged over the floor, why not make a shoot with a gaffer truck, make some burnouts and a wall off death. Feels like a good weekend to me =) I have talked about Karma Points shoot and now I'm going to talk about yesterday. We recorded my music video, a personal project and a fan music video, based on Sabaton's song called "Lion From The North", song can be found here

The shooting went well, got two T3i cameras, used so we had two batteries and two memory card, we recorded around 30GB off footage that day. We had a lot of lights and we, more I did the mistake since I was the one organizing the shoot, we overpowered one outlet with 1k and one 750w lamp plus two 300w. Why? that's really stupid, since one outlet holds 1200w.

Yes, I totally agree with you on that point. Let me tell you a story, it's not an excuse, it's just something we didn't think about. The outlets have different numbers and if they have the same number, they are connected with each other, meaning two outlets sharing 1200w. So, we found two with the number 124 and relative close to each other, so no problems there. But when we where going to start the moshpit, our 1k, 750w and two 300w died, we went WTF! that's when we saw two outer outlets with 124 on them, on the other side of the room, which was to a surprise.

Yes, a very unprofessional mistake. I went and told the security guy what happen, left a note and today when I arrive at school I get told off from one of the TA and in my head I go: Darn, the security guy did not tell the other security guy about this.

But, in the end we created some great shoots and the moshpit looked great! we had a lot of fun, my friends, specially my Russian friend hates "Lion from the North", after spending over 14hours on listening too the song :D

Tomorrow I will start putting the pieces together, organizing the folders before I start and look through all the footage. Might start tonight too look at the footage and organizing it, we will see. Hopefully in the end of this week I have a rough cut.

Today I will skype with a friend from Sweden and then meet up with another one later who is visiting on a business trip from Sweden =) a lot of Sweden today.

 I share some pictures taken during the shoot, enjoy!

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