Saturday, 22 September 2012

Busy week

Last couple of days, around 10 days, have been rely busy, but then really fun as well.

I helped a classmate recording his final, I became first AD and first AC on his shoot, which was great fun and he has a different idea, which makes his whole movie really interesting and great fun recording it. The footage looks really cool, they have to ADR a lot, but I think it will be great in the end =) He got introduced too a friend off mine who is in sound design, he will help them out with sound. He has also been helping me and Miguel with our Baby, Karma Points.

Talking about Karma Points, did absolutely not mention Karma Points before so I can talk about Karma points again :D Me and Miguel got in a bit off trouble, the guy who's care we where borrowing, he got too much things to do, he is in 3D at VFS. Thats really understandable, so we had one week to solve transportation to Langley (one-two hours drive from Vancouver, all depending on traffic) and we have to re-shoot one scene where the guy plants the bomb in the car, nice too have the same car.

After a bit off hunting, we borrowed one of the actors big van and a friend off mine lend us his nice small truck he has. And we shoot everything today :D
But lets back track too Friday, got up early, picked up the van from our actor, was around 10-10.20 I got there, did some organizing stuff in the morning and the buss almost took 30min. Then I could't get the props, so I went by Helens place, she just operated her other hand, so I checked how she was doing, went and got some props, including a smoke machine :D and some things for my music video, which I will record tomorrow :D exiting! did some running in the forest last Tuesday, and the material looks good, going to be great fun to put everything together into one great piece :D

After that I went to and bought some food, decided to walk back with  a backpack full off stuff, which was fun =) I bought some new headphones, finally :D Shule 315, great headphones! and I really missed listening to music while walking long distances. Then I fixed our bomb and some props, got too school too organize to get a cool camera that I can use for Sunday, I hope the 3D TA's (teacher assistance) have sent the mail to resources so they know I allowed to rent that camera. Had nice company for dinner, loaded the  van with all the eq, went to see Accept and Kreator live. Accept put on an AMAZING show, such an great energy and these guys are around 40-50 years old, but still rocking out, giving a great show with so much happy energy, they really love what they are doing.

Kreator, I left after 30min, the volume was so high, yes, concert should be high volume, but... This time my ears started to hurt and they usually don't and also my friends said that it was loud, a bit sad. But got home too get some rest before shooting last day for Karma points.

Everyone showed up, we got away and arrived at 10.00am in Langley, started to prepare, soon realized I gave the wrong address to our actors, but they finally showed up and made fun off me. I guess I deserved that =)
They day went really smooth, got good weather, some help from a friend who is in Film Production. The guy who was camera op and we also used his camera, was a bit bossy and felt he also wanted to tell Miguel what to do. Miguel wants to please everyone, which is good in some cases and not in other. But we got some great shoots and we also used a forklift to do one shoot, really cool and then smoke machine on that and if that wasn't enough, the cool looking car. Great ingredients I have to say and the cook's was doing a great job too.

We where done, said bye bye, big hugs and tanks too the actors, went too North Van and shoot pick ups with the new car, I was the acting, since we only see the back, so we didn't need the original actor and he was busy, good timing after all. It went really fast, thanks too Destination. We got all the equipment back too school, then I drove back the car and travelled home by buss. A long but a really great day =)

Going to be great tomorrow, filming my music video, so stocked! and now I'm able to show it on the grad screening too :D going to be great stuff! :D

Over and good night =)

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