Thursday, 9 August 2012

Updating - Final Project

so, my final project =)

Everything is in motion, I lost one of my people, due to that he completely changed his project to making an website instead.

Regarding Max, we had everything against us, nothing is running smooth, problem with casting, audition, locations and deciding on one idea. We have not made it smaller, making an short experimental movie, but still we need to get an actor and the person holding the park permits is really slow and hard too get in touch with. We will see what happens.

Regarding Miguel and Karma points, he is getting more and more worried, but we are getting everything together, we have a good cast, the script is getting more and more solid, we have location so everything is going really well with that, is really exiting to see how that is going to turn out =)


I'm start working on a project myself :D
Since I'm going to have a lot free times during term 6, thats the time when they are editing there movies, I will make an music video of Sabaton's song The Lion form the north. Going to me mainly green screen and some shot in stanley park. It will be great :D have some people who is going to create some art for me =) don't want to tell to much, will have a camera test and then I will post a small demo on how it will look =)

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