Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Today was my first time giving blood in Vancouver, Canada. 
A great feeling when you are done, but I'm always nervous and a bit dizzy while waiting to give blood.
Always think it will hurt a lot when they stick the needle into your arm, but they where really professional. 
A small compression between giving blood in Sweden and Canada. They have more or less same greeting, having happy people working there and you really feel welcomed. Great feeling and you feel better with giving away your blood.

First time in Sweden, you will not give blood, what they do is take some blood from you, test it for HIV and other deceases you might have that could transfer over to the person receiving your blood. Then they give you a call and tell you if you are allowed to come and give blood or not.

In Canada you arrive, go through a questioner, you have more or less the same questioner in Sweden, then they really ask you if you want to give blood, not that I went there too give blood or anything like that. Anyhow, then you give your blood and then they test the blood.

In Sweden, in Uppsala, they have sandwiches and juice in the waiting room, same waiting room as when you are done with giving blood. Here in Canada, Vancouver you sit outside in a waiting room, then they call you in, you give away your blood and then your off to the same waiting room again, eating and getting fat :D

In Vancouver, Canada, after you giving blood you end up at a table in one corner with some snacks and juice, to calm down and get your body back.

In Sweden you may pick from different items when you arrive, ex glass, plates, T-shirts, socks etc with a blood drop symbol on them, good quality and really cool looking stuff =)

Both experience is good, I prefer so far the swedish way, could be that I'm Swedish, but who knows =)

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